90s Freaknik 1995 Spring Break t-shirt Extra Large

Chest 25 in.

Length 29 in. 

Content: 100% cotton

Tag Brand: Islander

This white shirt has a graphic on the front of people dancing in front of a line of cars, with Atlanta's skyline in the background. It says "Freaknik '95". Below the graphic, it says "Atlanta Chocolate City". On the back, it says "They told us not to come but we came anyway". Freaknik was an annual Spring Break gathering in Atlanta, Georgia. It was attended primarily by students of historically black colleges, or HBCs. It began as a picnic, but ended up an enormous event with drinking, parties, basketball tournaments, rap sessions, and a job fair. The festival ultimately died down due to increased police presence in Atlanta making it hard to hold any festivities. 

This shirt fits like a modern unisex adult extra large.

There is a repair on the shoulder, but this shirt is in otherwise excellent condition. See pics. 




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