90s Speed Racer Mach GoGoGo Anime TV t-shirt Extra Large

Chest 23.5 in.

Length 25.5 in.

Content: 100% cotton

Tag Brand: Changes

This anime tee is dedicated to the epic Japanese franchise Speed Racer, famous for their manga series and TV show that has inspired countless productions of film, comics, and more. It's a 1990s original loaded with wild all over print, amazing one hundred percent cotton, and bold eye-catching colors.

The very first incarnation of Speed Racer dates back to 1966 as a Japanese manga called Speed Racer: Mach GoGoGo written and illustrated by the very talented Tatsuo Yoshida. A TV adaptation soon followed suit in 1967, and continued to chronicle the adventurous sport of professional automobile racing.

Speed Racer especially appeals to fans with its exotic collection of race cars. Among their most famous vehicles include the Mach 5, Shooting Star, Melange, and X3. Notable characters throughout the anime include Go Mifune, Michi Shimura, Sabu, Ken'ichi Mifune, and Sanpei.

Fits like a modern unisex adult Extra Large. All over print. Copyright 1992


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