80s Chevrolet Corvette Mesh Trucker Hat

This 80s trucker cap features the iconic Chevy Corvette. The 1980s brought Corvette lovers the C4. These sleek, futuristic-looking sports cars were compact, aerodynamic, and featured computer command controls.

Size: one size fits all

Content: polyester, nylon

Tag Brand: Ya

This hat features a snapback closure. The patch is dirty, this hat has been worn. 

 This item is from the estate of Craig MacGregor, the bassist for the band Foghat in the 1970s, 80s, and again in the 2000’s.  The item was owned by Craig, a collector of t-shirts, and stored for some time in a basement before it came into our possession.  As a result there may be some lingering basement odor. All items are authentic pieces of rock and roll history and in many cases are one-of-a-kind.  Further authentication and chain-of-custody can be provided upon request.



Type: Foghat

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