80s MS Sunward II Cruise Ship Ringer t-shirt Large

Chest 22 in.

Length 28.5 in.

Content: Feels like a cotton blend

Tag Brand: unbranded

This vintage tee pays tribute to the MS Sunward II cruise ship circa 1980s. It's aged incredibly well and really captures that eighties vibe with a classic ringer style, soft cotton blend, and old school graphics.

The MS Sunward II was part of the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet from 1977-1991. Prior to this, the ship was known as the Cunard Adventurer and belonged to the Cunard Line. In 1991, Sunward II was sold to Epirotiki Line and took on the new name, Titon. Come 1995, Epirotiki Line became Royal Olympic Cruises through a merger with Sun Line. They operated for a number of years until folding in the early 2000s. Titon cruise ship was then acquired by Louis Hellenic Cruises and given the name Coral.

Fits like a modern unisex adult large


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