80s Nintendo Super Mario Bros Neon Sweatshirt Youth Medium

Chest: 13 in.

Length: 17 in.

Sleeve: 15 in.

Content: 50% Cotton 50% Acrylic

Tag Brand: Unbranded

This awesome sweatshirt is for the popular Nintendo platformer video game, Super Mario Brothers. The game follows a pair of plumber brothers, Mario and Luigi, as they travel down pipes throughout the fictional Mushroom Kingdom in order to save Princess Peach from Bowser. The first game was released in 1985 for the NES. The game relies on players to break blocks in order to obtain power ups. The game hosts a number of antagonists including goombas, koopa troopas, bullet bills, shy guys, and piranha plants, and is typically played as a side scroller. The game has spawned a number of popular spin offs including Mario Party and Mario Kart.

The tag says Small but this shirt fits like a modern unisex youth Medium




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