90s Native American Born and Bred Buffalo t-shirt Medium

Chest 19.5 in.

Length 28 in.

Content: Feels like 100% Cotton

Tag Brand: No Tag

This sweet shirt comes in a gorgeous bright teal color and says American Born & Bred on the back while featuring a portrait of Quanah Parker on the front. Quanah Parker was a prominent figure during the Red River War, which was a US Military campaign designed to try and displace the Comanche Nation. He was a leader of the Kwahadi band who took issue with the US military, particularly when European-Americans almost hunted the local bison population to extinction, as the Comanche people relied heavily on these gentle beasts for survival. Eventually though Quanah Parker peacefully led the Kwahadi people to a reservation at Fort Sill in Oklahoma.

Fits like a modern unisex adult medium


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