70s US Nationals 1975 Indianapolis NHRA Tank t-shirt Small

Chest 16 in.

Length 22 in.

Content: 50% cotton 50% polyester

Tag Brand: Unbranded

This awesome graphic tank top commemorates the 22nd Annual US Nationals sponsored by the NHRA in 1975. The US Nationals, commonly called The Big Go, are considered the most prestigious drag racing event in the world because it is one of the oldest, largest, and most well-funded. The US Nationals were founded in the 50s but didn't find its permanent home at the Indianapolis Raceway until 1961.

In 1975, the US Nationals hosted three types of races: Top Fuel, Pro Stock, and Funny Car. Top fuel dragsters are the fastest accelerating cars in the world and competitors can reach over 300 mph in the 1,000 feet it takes to complete a race. Pro stock racers use factory hot rods, meaning the cars' motors aren't modified with enhancements that other dragsters may use. Funny cars have strict guidelines set by the NHRA, especially regarding their motors, but aesthetically they tend to look like showroom models of modern, fiberglass sports cars. In 1975, drivers Don Garlits, Wayne Gapp, and Raymond Beadle won the US Nationals titles in Top Fuel, Pro Stock, and Funny Car respectively.

Tag says medium but fits like a modern unisex adult small. Light discoloration on back graphic, see pics.


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