80s Jonathan Knight New Kids on the Block NKOTB t-shirt Small

Chest 17 in.

Length 24 in.

Content: 100% Cotton

Tag Brand: Screen Stars

This fun vintage t-shirt features a portrait of Jonathan Knight, who along with his brother Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, and Danny Wood formed the iconic boy band the New Kids on the Block. The group was known for their albums Hangin' Tough and Step by Step as well as their hits songs "You Got It (The Right Stuff)", "Please Don't Go Girl", "I'll Be Loving You", and  "Tonight".

Jonathan was the oldest member of the band and the first to depart from the group when they officially disbanded in 1994. Afterward, Knight pursued a career in real estate and out of the spotlight. Rumors circulated that he had dated fellow pop singer Tiffany in the 90s, however Knight publicly came out as gay in 2011. He and his partner Harley Rodriguez appeared on the reality show The Amazing Race together.

The tag says medium but this shirt fits like a modern unisex adult small. There are many holes on the back and a small hole in the sleeve, see pics.


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