80s Tonka Toy Trucks t-shirt Toddler 2T

Chest: 11 in.

Length: 13 in.

Content: Cotton blend

Tag Brand: Tonka

This 80s kids striped tee is from the classic toy truck company, Tonka. Named after the Dakota Sioux word for "great," the company has been manufacturing sturdy toys for kids since 1948.  

Originally called Mound Metalcraft, the company was established as a manufacturer of gardening tools. However, toy sales took off, and by the 1960s they shifted their priorities. The most popular model by Tonka was the Mighty Dump Truck, as seen on this tee. The earlier models were made out of steel and rubber, making them quite heavy for children's play. The company is now owned by Hasbro and continues manufacturing children's toy cars

 Fits like a modern unisex toddler 2T. 




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