90s Atlanta Olympics 1996 Embroidered Torch Sweatshirt Large

Chest 24 in.

Length 27.5 in.

Sleeve 22 in.

Content: 50/50 Cotton/Polyester

Tag Brand: Hanes

This sweet vintage sweatshirt features an embroidered logo celebrating the 1996 Olympic Games that took place in Atlanta, Georgia. This edition of the games marked the centennial of the 1896 Summer Olympics that were held in Athens, which were the inaugural games of the modern Olympics. This was also the first time since 1924 that the summer games were held during a different year than the winter games, as the International Olympic Committee had just implemented a new practice to hold the two events during alternating even-numbered years. Some notable moments from the games included Andre Agassi earning a gold medal that would later help him to become the first men's singles tennis player to achieve a Golden Slam, and the US women's gymnastics team, nicknamed the "Magnificent Seven", winning the first US gold medal in women's artistic gymnastics team all-around.

Fits like a modern unisex adult over-sized large


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