80s Cowichan Reindeer Shawl Neck Wool Sweater Large

Chest 23 in.

Length 27 in.

Sleeve 19 in.

Content: Feels like 100% Wool

Tag Brand: No Tag

This vintage cowichan sweater was made in the 80s using a heavy wool material that is guaranteed to keep you nice and warm in the face of cold weather. The sweater utilizes the typical natural wool colors found in cowichan sweaters and it features a pattern of reindeer with an evergreen tree on the back. This pattern is inspired by Cowichan people of Vancouver Island. It also has a shawl neck collar and wooden button closures, which are decorated with little maple leaves as a nod to the sweater's Canadian influence. Originally cowichan sweaters were made only as pullovers and knitted in the round. Cowichan sweaters with buttons like this one are usually cut after they're knitted and the additions are then sewn in.

Fits like a modern unisex adult large. There is a small discoloration on the front near the second button from the top, see pics.


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