80s Mickey Mouse Walt Disney World Cartoon t-shirt Extra Large

Chest 22 in.

Length 25 in.

Content: 50% cotton, 50% polytester

Tag Brand: Disney

This vintage tee features Disney's most prolific cartoon character, Mickey Mouse. It's a 1980s original loaded with awesome graphics, soft poly cotton, and a breezy sleeveless fit. So comfy and easy on the eyes.

Since his conception in the 1920s, Mickey Mouse has become the flagship symbol of the Walt Disney brand. He has appeared in movies such as Fantasia and Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas; television shows including House of Mouse and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse; comics; and video games like Kingdom Hearts. His face can also be seen all over Walt Disney World parks across the globe- from Florida, to California, to Japan. To this day, Mickey continues to be celebrated through merch and collectibles like toys, books, and t-shirts like this one.

Fits like a modern unisex adult Extra Large. Sleeveless


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