50s Korean War U.S Military Khaki Shirt 16 x 33

Chest 24.5 in.

Length 30.5 in.

Sleeve 20.5 in. 

Content: Cotton Blend 

Tag Brand: United States Military 

This button down shirt is from the United States Military and is from the Korean War in 1950. The Korean War started in June of 1950 when North Korea invaded South Korea. The country was first split up in to two sovereign states during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. The two countries both claimed to be the sole governing force over all of Korea and never accepted the boarder split as permanent. The United Nations and the United States came to the aid of South Korea, with China and and the Soviet Union coming to the aid of North Korea. The fighting ended in 1953 when a demilitarized zone was created and a armistice was signed to release all prisoners and end all hostile attacks. An official peace treaty wasn't signed until 2018 when the two countries finally officially ended the Korean War.  

This shirt fits a modern unisex adult 16 x 33.


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