60s The Prisoner Channel 9 TV Series Logo t-shirt Small

Chest 16 in.

Length 26 in. 

Content: 100% Cotton

Tag Brand: Hi Cru by Stedman

This amazing 100% cotton shirt is from the cult favorite tv show The Prisoner.  This show, starring Patrick McGoohan as Number 6, was developed in the UK and debuted on Canadian TV in 1967.  The show starred McGoohan as a secret agent, similar to his previous tv show, Danger Man.  In the show, he is interrogated by Number 2, while placed in a number of very confusing and surreal situations.  This show is widely considered to be a cult hit, lasting 17 episodes in on mini series and influencing numerous future television shows.  It was event spoofed on the Simpsons!

This shirt appears to be from the airing of this show on CBS in Los Angeles from when the show first came to the USA or possibly from KQED in San Francisco.

This shirt fits a modern adult unisex small.

This shirt is in excellent used condition.



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