80s Billy Idol Whiplash Smile Black Rock t-shirt Medium

Chest 19 in.

Length 25 in.

Content: Feels like cotton blend

Tag Brand: Springford

This awesome vintage rock tee is for English vocalist Billy Idol and his third studio album Whiplash Smile. The back of the shirt references some of Idol's past hits saying, "This ain't no White Wedding...this ain't no Rebel Yell...this ain't no Midnight Hour...this is a Whiplash Smile". Idol's last album, Rebel Yell had been a huge success leading him to continue his work with Keith Forsey and Steve Stevens for his third album. The album peaked at number six on the Billboard 200 and included three singles "To Be a Lover", "Don't Need a Gun", and "Sweet Sixteen" which all made it into the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100. Whiplash Smile was followed by a greatest hits album containing "Rebel Yell", "White Wedding", and "Mony Mony".

Before launching his solo career, Idol played guitar for the 1960s style retro-rock band Chelsea. With the help of singer Gene October, this is where Idol adapted his signature image including the iconic bleached locks. He would later quit Chelsea and found the band Generation X with Chelsea's bassist Tony James. Idol moved to New York City in 1981 where he began his solo career alongside guitarist Steve Stevens.

Fits like a modern unisex adult medium


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