80s Crest Cavity Fighter Creeps Ringer t-shirt Youth Large

Chest 16.5 in.

Length 20.5 in. 

Content: 50/50 Poly/Cotton

Tag Brand: Velva Sheen

This white vintage t-shirt has a two sided design for the Crest Cavity Fighter toothpaste. The front of the t-shirt has the Crest 'C' logo. The back of the t-shirt has an image of of a cavity creep getting sprayed by the "Advanced Formula Crest". Crest produced an animated cartoon commercial with Crest super heroes that respond to teeth emergencies. In the commercial the Cavity Creeps begin attacking teeth with pickaxes and chisels, only to be thwarted by the dental dream team. There are light blue rings around the collar and sleeves.

This shirt is a Youth Large.




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