80s Death To The Pixies Distressed Sleeveless Band t-shirt Medium

Chest 19 in.

Length 21 in.

Content: Feels like cotton blend

Tag Brand: Blank

This awesome vintage band tee is for the Pixies and features the name of their first best of compilation album, Death to the Pixies. The Pixies were formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1986 by members Black Francis, Joey Santiago, Kim Deal, and David Lovering. They were an alternative rock band that took influences from punk and surf rock sounds, and they helped to usher in the alt rock boom of the 90s.

Death to the Pixies was released by 4AD and covered the band's music from 1987-1991. There was a limited edition of the album which included a second CD that featured a live performance at the Muziecentrum Vredenburg in the Netherlands in 1990. Another incredibly rare limited edition version includes two demos from Black Francis of him singing and playing acoustic guitar to the songs "I'm Amazed" and " Broken Face".  This edition is referred to as the "Golden Ticket" version and has the letters GT appended to its catalog number. Songs on the album include "Planet of Sound", "Here Comes Your Man", "Debaser", "Dig For Fire", "Gigantic", "Where is My Mind?", "Velouria", and "Monkey Gone to Heaven."  

This shirt fits like a modern unisex adult Medium. This shirt is distressed with cut sleeves and a cut bottom. It is very soft and thin with several holes, see pics. 




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