80s Def Jam Columbia Records t-shirt Large

Chest 21.5 in.

Length 27 in. 

Content: 50/50 Poly/Cotton

Tag Brand: Screen Stars

This black vintage t-shirt has a two sided design for the Hip Hop and Rap record label Def Jam Recordings. The front says "If It's Columbia..." and the back says "It's Def! So Jam It!". Def Jam formed in 1983 by Rick Rubin in his dorm room at New York University. The label's first release was a single by the punk rock band Hose. After teaming up with hip hop legend Russell Simmons, Def Jam released LL Cool J's "I Need a Beat" and the Beastie Boys' "Rock Hard" in 1984. Because of their positive sales, Def Jam teamed up with Columbia Records under the CBS Records Group.

There is some discoloration on the front. The tag on the shirt says Extra Large, but it fits like an Adult Large.




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