80s Life in Hell Bongo's Dream Groening t-shirt Extra Large

Chest 22 in.

Length 27.5 in.

Content: feels like 100% cotton

Tag Brand: Fits like a modern unisex adult extra large.

This vintage tee features the iconic work of comic illustrator Matt Groening, titled Bongo's Dream Dorm. The work was originally produced on a promo poster for Apple Macintosh in 1989, featuring the famous cartoon character from his Life in Hell comic strip dating back to 1977. Apple's ad slogan for this project was "Macintosh. Part of every student's wildest dreams."

Groening is an animator, cartoonist, writer, and producer famous for animated TV series like The Simpsons, Disenchantment, and Futurama. This promotional illustration was part of Apple's ad campaign geared towards college kids, and distributed through brochures, on bookstore posters aross university campuses, and cool t-shirts like this one. These relics are highly collectible and were produced during Groening's "Pre-Simpson" career.

Matt Groening has been involved in numerous mediums of art and entertainment over the years- getting his hands in on projects ranging from television and movies, to video games and theme parks. He produced The Simpson's Ride at Universal Studios in 2008; produced the music video "Do the Bartman" in 1990; and did voicing for the The Simpsons Game in 2007.

Fits like a modern unisex adult Extra Large. Very light spots and several small holes on the front, see pics.


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