80s Metallica And Justice for All Metal Band t-shirt Large

Chest 21 in.

Length 25 in.

Content: 50% cotton, 50% polyester

Tag Brand: Bloopers

This Metallica band tee immortalizes their greatest and most controversial album ever- ...And Justice for All. Released in 1988, this fourth studio album was highly memorable for its hard-hitting sociopolitical lyrics, intense industrial sound, and virtually no bass. The controversy surrounded the tragic death of their bassist Cliff Burton and his replacement Jason Newsted.

...And Justice for All was written and released after Metallica's bassist Cliff Burton tragically passed away in a bus accident in 1986. Jason Newsted later entered the pictured, toured with the band, recorded an entire covers EP with them, and even received some time in the spotlight during concerts. However when it came his first full length album, Newsted's bass was nowhere to be heard.

Many speculated it was just pure coincidence and a true lack of coordination between the newbie and his veteran band mates. However, various producers, engineers, and others who were actually in the studio have insinuated a much uglier truth- that the band aka Ulrich and Hetfield simply didn't want Newsted's bass in there. Some believe it was a their way of greiving the loss of Cliff Burton, others say it was just the boys going on a power trip. Some says it's a combo of all. Tragedy, controversy, and speculations aside ...And Justice for All remains a masterpiece worthy of immortal praise and remembrance.

Fits like a modern unisex adult large.


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