80s Mount St. Helens Erupts Harry Truman t-shirt Medium

Chest 19.5 in.

Length 27.5 in. 

Content:100% cotton

Tag Brand: Hanes, Beefy

The volcanic eruption at Mount St. Helens in Washington State in May of 1980 is depicted in this graphic tee. The top reads, "Harry, where are you?" in reference to the folk hero Harry R. Truman, a resident and innkeeper on Mount St. Helens during the eruption who notoriously refused to leave his home despite orders to evacuate the area. Based on the legend that he prepared an abandoned mine shaft with food, liquor, and his cats in anticipation of the eruption, Harry is depicted lounging with barrels of whiskey at his side, giving the finger to the deathly explosion. He was never found.

This fits like a modern unisex adult medium.



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