80s Queen of Mardi Gras New Orleans 1988 t-shirt Extra Large

Chest 22 in.

Length 27 in.

Content: 50/50 Cotton/Polyester

Tag Brand: Teejays

This sweet shirt commemorates Mardi Gras in New Orleans back in 1988. It feature an ornate graphic of someone dressed in a colorful costume beneath the title "Queen of Mardi Gras". Mardi Gras is an annual celebration which begins on or after the Christian feasts of Epiphany and continues until Ash Wednesday. Mardi Gras is translated to mean "Fat Tuesday" reflecting the celebration's practice of indulging in rich fatty foods. New Orleans is often considered the epicenter of American Mardi Gras celebrations. The city's large French and Catholic heritage helps provide colorful and elaborate parades each year.

Fits like a modern unisex adult Extra Large


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