80s The Beatles A Hard Days Night Movie t-shirt Medium

Chest 18.5 in.

Length 25 in. 

Content: 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester

Tag Brand: 3D Emblem

This 80s raglan t-shirt features a graphic for The Beatles' A Hard Days Night movie on the front and the band's logo on the back. This t-shirt is from the 80s reissue of the film. The film was originally released in 1964 and was the British rock band's first full-length film. The musical comedy film feature bandmates John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, as well as Irish actor Wilfrid Brambell. The film was named after the group's hit song and album "A Hard Day's Night" and features other popular songs such as "Can't But Me Love", "All My Loving" and "She Loves You". The rights to the film were transferred to producer Walter Shenson in 1979 and under his license, the film was reissued in theaters in 1982 and on home video in 1984. 

This shirt fits a modern unisex adult medium.


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