80s The Clash Combat Rock Four Aces Club Tank Top t-shirt Small

Chest 17.5 in.

Length 29 in. 

Content: 100% Cotton

Tag Brand: Screen Stars

This olive green punk rock t-shirt is for "the only band that matters", The Clash and their album Combat Rock. Combat Rock came at a point when the members of The Clash were beginning to feel uninspired, and bored of their ongoing projects. The group had grown tired of their professional management company Blackhill Enterprises. Singer and guitarist Joe Strummer and bassist Paul Simmon reinstated Bernie Rhodes in order to inject the chaotic, anarchic element back into their DNA. Mick Jones didn't approve of the decision, a sign of his growing distance from the rest of the band. Drummer Topper Headon developed his drug habit during the production of Combat Rock. Despite his composing the hit "Rock the Casbah", Headon was fired from the band because of his now debilitating addiction. Jones and the rest of the band continued to grow apart with artistic differences and disagreements with how the band should schedule its next year. Strummer and the rest of the band took over and fired Jones. This album would be the last recording with the classic lineup.

The front of the shirt has The Clash logo of a skeleton with an infantry helmet on in front of four ace playing cards. The logo is a possible reference to the legendary Four Ace Club, which hosted The Clash in the late 70s. The back of the shirt says "'White Riot', The Clash's debut single in early 1977, written about the Notting Hill Carinval riots of the previous year, is as relevantnow as it was then. The Clash are in the unenviable position of coping with the diehards, and those demanding something new. But they'll survive. They've stuck to their original political views and motivations - they may have moved on from singing about unemployment and racial tension at home to 'Rockin' The Casbah' and those 'American Blues', but their stance is still as rocksteady as ever."

The sleeves are cut off and there is a hole on the back towards the right side. Please see the pictures. The tag on the shirt says Medium, but it fits like an Adult Small.




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