80s Where's The Beef Wendy's Commercial Fast Food t-shirt Medium

Chest 18 in.

Length 24.5 in.

Content: Feels like a cotton blend

Tag Brand: No tag

This awesome graphic tee is in promotion of Wendy's fast food chain. The tee features the slogan from the restaurant's classic, 80s ad campaign. "Where's the beef," was the punch line of Wendy's commercials that poked fun at the large buns and small patties of their hamburger competitors. In the original commercial, octogenarian actress Clara Peller was presented with one of these fictional competitor's burgers and she angrily exclaimed, "Where's the beef?" The commercials director had actually wanted the line to be "Where is all the beef?" but due to Peller's emphysema, this was too hard for her say.

"Where's the beef" became a pop culture phenomenon, appearing on merch, including a licensed board game, and even in a eponymous song written by Coyote McCloud and featuring Peller. The phrase still appears in Wendy's promotions and it's come to be used as a catch-all phrase for questioning the substance of an idea or item.

Fits like a modern unisex adult medium. Light spots on the back, small spots and repair on the front, see pics.


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