90s Beastie Boys Basketball Distressed t-shirt Extra Large

Chest 23.5 in.

Length 29 in. 

Content: 50/50 Poly/Cotton

Tag Brand: Soffe Shirts

This blue vintage t-shirt is for the hip-hop rap group the Beastie Boys. The t-shirt has a hoop and basketball logo that says "ABA Atwater Basketball Association". The Beastie Boys loved to play basketball in their downtime. While they were at G-Son Studios in Atwater Village they would often play on the nearby court. There is one bonus track to the 1994 album Ill Communication that is a minute and a half recording of the Beastie Boys playing basketball in Atwater Village. Though the bonus track was recorded during one of the group's three albums with G-Son Studios in the 90s, the recording "Atwater Basketball Association File No. 172-C" wasn't released until a 2009 remastered release of Ill Communication. Besides Ill Communication, the Beastie Boys also recorded Check Your Head (1992) and Hello Nasty (1997-98) with G-Son Studios.

This shirt is an Adult Extra Large.




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