90s Guns N Roses Metallica 1992 Tour t-shirt Small

Chest 17.5 in.

Length 26 in.

Content: 100% Cotton

Tag Brand: Brockum

This amazing double-sided concert shirt is for the co-headlining tour for the iconic rock bands Guns N Roses and Metallica. The tour took place amidst Guns and Roses already running Use Your Illusion Tour which was designed to promote their albums Use Your Illusion I & II. Meanwhile Metallica had just finished their Wherever We May Roam tour and chose to join Guns N Roses before starting their Nowhere Else to Roam tour, which would promote their self-titled fifth album. The opening act for the tour was Faith No More, although Axl Rose had hoped to book the Seattle grunge band Nirvana, however front man Kurt Cobain declined.

The tour was considered to be a success and earned both band's a Metal Edge Reader's Choice Award for "Best Concert Tour" in 1992. Possibly the most infamous incident from the tour however, was the injury of Metallica frontman James Hetfield at Montreal's Olympic Stadium. Hetfield suffered second and third degree burns on both his arms when he accidentally got too close to some pyrotechnics The show later ended in a riot when Guns N Roses subsequently left the stage early as well.

The tag says medium but this shirt fits like a modern unisex adult small


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