90s Nike Trevira Twosome Central Park t-shirt Large

Chest 20 in.

Length 27.5 in.

Content: 50/50 Cotton/Polyester

Tag Brand: Nike

This sweet red vintage tee is from the Nike sponsored Trevira Twosome race in Central Park in New York City which took place in April of 1992. The Trevira is a 10 mile long road race. In 1990 Cathy O'Brien and Brian Sheriff set new records for this race. O'Brien set a women's course record of 52 minutes and 35 seconds. she and her partner Sheriff proceeded to win all categories of the Trevira Twosome for that year. This stylish tee is made from a soft cotton-blended material and includes a logo for the race on the front.

Fits like a modern unisex adult large


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