90s The Oak Ridge Boys Hot Summer Nights Tour t-shirt XXL

Chest 24.5 in.

Length 29 in.

Content: 50% cotton 50% polyester

Tag Brand: Screen Stars Best

This awesome concert tee commemorates The Oak Ridge Boys and their Hot Summer Nights Tour from the early 90s. The Oak Ridge Boys are a country/gospel quartet from Oak Ridge, Tennessee. This double sided tee features a graphic of the four members of the quartet at the time: Richard Sterban, Steve Sanders, Joe Bonsall, and Duane Allen. Sanders left the group a few years after this tour and was replaced by his returning predecessor, William Golden, The group began as the Oak Ridge Quartet in 1947 and has cycled through several members over the decades. Some of The Oak Ridge Boys' most popular songs include "Elvira," "Bobbie Sue," and "American Made."

Fits like a modern unisex adult XXL or 2XL. Repairs on the right shoulder, see pics.


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