Y2K Ward Burton Daytona 500 Champ NASCAR t-shirt Large

Chest 21.5 in.

Length 27 in.

Content: 100% cotton

Tag Brand: AAA Super Weight

This epic NASCAR tee commemorates Ward Burton's championship at the 2002 Daytona 500. It's held up great over the years and really captures that old school magic with a wild all over print, amazing cotton feel, and tons of vibrant colors.

The 2002 Daytona 500 is widely remembered for the infamous penalty pulled by Sterling Marlin. The driver got out of his car and attempted to fix his bumper during a red flag, which is not allowed. Prior to this, Marlin and Burton were super close. The penalty put Burton in the lead and ultimately earned him the win. His iconic #22 Dodge race car is featured on the front, sporting the epic black and yellow CAT paint scheme.

Fits like a modern unisex adult large. All over print.


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