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T-SHIRT TUESDAY - Where's the Beef?

October 06, 2015

In 1983, retired Chicago manicurist, Clara Peller, would embody Andy Warhol's "15 minutes of fame" adage when she was plucked from obscurity to star in a tv commercial for the then struggling Wendy's fast food chain. In that first, fateful appearance, she and two other women of advanced age visit the competition and after looking at the rather puny hamburger patty shouts in a raspy voice "Where's the Beef?"

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T-SHIRT TUESDAY - US Festival '82 & '83

September 29, 2015

Thirty-three years ago this month, the influential, short-lived and very expensive US Festival got underway. Though the festival only lasted for two years - '82 & '83 - it helped to lay the groundwork for the modern music festivals of today. Today for T-Shirt Tuesday we're bringing you not one, but TWO sweet shirts from the US Festivals of 1982 & 1983!

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T-SHIRT TUESDAY - The Goldbergs

September 22, 2015

Our favorite sitcom set in the 1980's ... IN THE PHILLY 'BURBS, The Goldbergs, returns tomorrow for a third season! We LOVE that their costume department goes to great lengths to source authentic vintage for the show and we've even provided some ourselves. Here's Adam (Sean Giambrone) wearing our "ALF ROCKS" t-shirt on the most recent episode “Goldbergs Feel Hard” (Season 2, Episode 24) (!!!)...

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T-SHIRT TUESDAY - Are You Ready For Some Football?

September 15, 2015

Football season is upon us. Whether that inspires a cheer ... or a groan ... I thought we'd celebrate opening week of the 2015 season with this rare and fantastically optimistic t-shirt:

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