Our Philadelphia Red Pretzel shirt is back in stock!  If you’ve never been to Philadelphia, you’ve probably never had a real soft pretzel.  Aunt Annies and Super Pretzel are good, but they’ve got nothing on a traditional, bought at midnight when the pretzel factory opens or from a shopping cart outside of a sports stadium, Philly Soft Pretzel!



This is the real deal, fresh off the Pretzel Presses.  Just add Mustard, or other toppings (most of them sacrilegious) and you are good to go!  When in Philly, we recommend the walk up window at

Load up on our Classic Philadelphia t-shirt here!


philly-tanktopCelebrate the warmer weather with our Philly Tourist Tank top, now available in our online store!  These tanks are made in the USA, and printed in Philadelphia, super soft, perfect for Spring and Summer!