90s Stone Cold No Mercy Deadstock Jersey t-shirt Extra Large

$249.99 USD

Chest 25.5 in.

Length 31 in.

Content: 100% Nylon

Tag Brand: Trinity

This awesome vintage jersey reps WWF superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin, and it bears the message "No Mercy". Steve Austin was one of the most popular wrestlers of the World Wrestling Federation's Attitude Era. He joined the franchise towards the end of 1995, and his first WWF match saw him winning the Million Dollar Championship. Austin made his debut as The Ringmaster, but he very quickly requested to scrap that gimmick.

From there, the iconic Stone Cold was born. Austin was inspired to shave his head after he saw Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction, which gave him a new and distinct look. From there, he became known as a hot-tempered anti-hero in the ring. Stone Cold's rise to fame was largely thanks to his expert smack talk and improv skills, as he managed to drop one of the most famous quotes of his career during a 1996 King of the Ring match against Jake "The Snake" Roberts. It was during this match, that Austin ad-libbed his famous "Austin 3:16" catchphrase.
Fits like a modern unisex adult oversized extra large. This shirt is deadstock, unworn.