90s Stone Cold Blooded Austin Deadstock t-shirt Youth Medium

$79.99 USD

Chest 18 in.

Length 22.5 in.

Content: 100% Cotton

Tag Brand: Alstyle Apparel & Activewear

This sweet wrestling tee is for Stone Cold Steve Austin and it features wicked graphics that perfectly capture the intensity of Stone Cold's wrestling persona. Steve Austin was a Texas born pro wrestler who originally was a part of the WCW. Ironically, he was let go by the franchise because the company's president didn't see him as a marketable wrestler. When Austin later joined the World Wrestling Federation, he grew into one of the WWF's most popular characters. This shirt features the tag line, "No Mercy", and a graphic of a snake, in honor of Stone Cold's nickname, "The Texas Rattlesnake".

Fits like a modern unisex youth oversized medium. This shirt is deadstock, unworn.