T-SHIRT TUESDAY - Sandwiches 101, Dagwood University

What is more ubiquitous than a t-shirt, you ask? Why, a sandwich, of course! That's why for today's T-Shirt Tuesday we're celebrating National Sandwich Day with this tribute to the KING of sandwich engineering: Dagwood Bumstead.
Above: Dagwood (husband of Blondie, of the comic strip Blondie fame) by Chic Young, with his eponymous dagwood sandwich. 
Dagwood Bumstead was originally heir to the Bumstead Locomotive fortune but was disowned when he married flapper, Blondie. He has since worked hard at the construction company J.C. Dithers & Co. to support his family, but his true passion is sandwiches. You might even say he majored in Sandwiches and belonged to the fraternity Gimma Tri Decker. *wink, nudge*
Here's some of the best dagwood-themed Blondie covers of all time, going back as early as the 1930s... 
Now, go get yourself a sandwich!
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Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown