Staff Favorite Winner

The Staff Favorite photo was entered by Jennifer, starring her partner and daughter, Noah and Naomi. Both Jennifer and Noah are teachers, remotely working from home during this time. They’ve been busy on Zoom calls, and “trying to stay sane while passing our toddler back and forth and blasting baby shark while muted on Zoom.” 

This pair has been a fan of vintage clothing since their teenage years, when they frequented thrift shops. Jennifer’s appreciation for vintage clothing comes from the story behind each piece. She explains, “T-shirts are especially incredible because you get a sneak peek into an event, place or moment in someone's life  when they got the shirt!  You are also instantly transported into that moment in time and place.” 

You can follow Jennifer, Noah, and Naomi on Instagram and @jplatow

Piper Rosenberg
Piper Rosenberg