T-SHIRT TUESDAY - The Turkey Trot

Today's featured shirt is from the Times Turkey Trot, an annual running tradition in Clearwater, Florida since 1979 that draws up to 16,000 participants each year! Even if you're not a Floridian, there's likely a Turkey-themed race near your home town on Thanksgiving morning to compete in before you carve that bird. Now I'm no runner, but you know I can get down with a silly dance craze. And, turkeys have got a couple of those, too... 

First I present to you "I'm Crazy About the Turkey Trot", recorded in one take by Colins and Harper WAY back in 1911. 

Obviously there isn't video footage of the original animal dances of the Ragtime Era (they mimicked actual animal movements and were popularized in the 1910s and 1920s), but this awesome clip from the 1956 film "Don't Knock the Rock" is a wonderful tribute that does include the Turkey Trot...look out for those charactaristic stomps, one-foot hops and tail feathers a-shaking... 

Fast forward to 1963 and Little Evie's "Let's Turkey Trot", which peaked at #20 on the Hot 100 that year. Watch those background singers flap those wings ... 


 Hope these tunes got your turkey legs tapping! Happy Thanksgiving from the Captain's crew!

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Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown