T-SHIRT TUESDAY - A Mr. Belvedere Christmas

This new arrival's got us thinking about Mr. Belvedere. On the front of this vintage t-shirt is a wonderful caricature of Bob Uecker, retired American Major League Baseball player, sportscaster, comedian and, most importantly, actor. You see, from 1985 to 1990, Uecker starred on the classic ABC show about a fussy butler ("Mr. Belvedere", Christopher Hewett) for the family of a Pittsburgh-area sportswriter (Uecker). 
And, thinking about Mr. Belvedere's got us thinking about Christmas. A Mr. Belvedere Christmas. 
All of us here at Captain's may as well be card-carrying members of the Mr. Belvedere Fan Club. BIG fans. Especially the theme song (performed by Leon Redbone!). And, what better, more perfectly nostalgic way to celebrate the season than a good, old-fashioned 80s sitcom Christmas special? So, we leave you tonight on this fair T-Shirt Tuesday with a full Christmas-themed episode of Mr. Belvedere...
...and this bonus audio track of Uecker reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas for good measure.