T-Shirt Tuesday - Father's Day Gift Ideas

We all know dads can be a little stuck in the past. Father's Day is coming up, which means it's time to top the gift you got your dad last year. Know a dad who won't get rid of his shoes even though he's had them since 1983? A vintage t-shirt might be right up his alley!


Dads and dinosaurs- is there a better combination? This sweet 80s shirt depicts a dino dad taking care of his dino kids AND his dino dog! Your dad will love this 100% accurate representation of parenting.


Dad Committee

Does your dad do everything by the book? Vote him "Best Dad" with the dad committee stamp of approval. Don't worry, it's definitely Dad Board Certified™.

Homer Simpson, Best(?) Dad

Is your dad anything like Homer Simpson? (We hope not...!) Regardless, Homer is super relatable and basically America's bumbling dad anyway so why not show your dad some love with this cool double-sided Simpsons tee?!


Super Dad

Super Dad > Super Man, obviously, and this flashy glitter iron-on tee is sure to cause some serious t-shirt envy! (We cannot be held responsible if your dad insists you call him Superdad from now on.)


Top pop!

Is the dad in your life a top pop? If so, he probably needs this Snoopy tee to let everyone know!


Check out our dad/father collections and find that perfect gift now!