T-Shirt Tuesday: Halloween Costume Ideas

T-Shirt Tuesday: Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween costumes are often so predictable; animal, witch, monster.. so why not switch it up this year? Check out these fresh takes on classic vintage tee's for some inspiration. And the best part? Don't worry about wearing it just once; you can keep wearing these "costume" tee's long after the 31st.

Aspen Apple Soda 

This branded tee makes it super easy to dress up as a bottle of the 80s apple-flavored soda by Pepsi.

Pair with: An apple and a white winter coat.

RC Cola Liter of the Pack

Puns are corny, but this costume isn't! Instantly become the leader of your pack in this ringer tee. Guaranteed to make at least one person serenade you with the Shangri Las.

Pair with: Leather jacket, aviators, biker cap, and a liter of soda.


Goofy Athlete

This Goofy tank top gives you the blueprint and the key piece of the puzzle for this costume. As a Goofy athlete, you can be as clumsy and non-athletic as your heart desires.

Pair with: Sweatbands and sweatpants. Air pump, weights, and balloons optional 

Humphrey Bogart as a Detective 
This tee offers another blueprint of the costume itself. This long sleeve tee will keep you warm all night long, all while making sure no one confuses you with some other guy.
 Pair with: Trench coat, fedora, a cigarette, and a bottle of rye



Tourist in Hawaii 

This costume has been done before, but that doesn't mean you can't do it better. Skip the lei and Aloha shirt, these are just a couple of the hundreds of authentic vintage Hawaii tourist tees we have in store.

Pair with: Cargo shorts, a map, and a visor


Couples Costume: New Kids on the Block Fan Girls
Did these 80s heartthrobs catch your heart 40 years ago? Pay tribute to your former self with this costume, either in a group or on your own. 
Pair with: Denim jacket, Polaroid camera on a lanyard, hand-made fan poster, and a side ponytail (permed if possible). 


 Couples Costume: His & Hers

Grab your best friend, your boyfriend, your ex... 'cause this corny couples costume can't be done alone. No "pair with" necessary, this is the whole costume.



 Super Grandpa

This shirt is perfect for those grandfathers tagging along with their superhero Grand kids this Halloween, or anyone wanting to make use of their grandpa sweaters.

Pair with: Bald cap/white hair wig and a cape. Pro tip: use grandpa sweater as your cape 

Roadkill Cafe Head Chef

Serve it up as a chef from the Roadkill Cafe. The back of this shirt features a full menu from the spoof-diner with plenty of ideas for you to plate. 

Pair with: Spatula, faux fur, an apron, and a chef's hat

Kurt Cobain

Pair with: Black band t-shirt and a guitar  

Tethered from Us

Spook everyone with this original Hands Across America tee, the influence behind Jordan Peele's horror movie, Us.

 Pair with: Red jumpsuit and a pair of scissors

And if none of those spoke to you, here are a couple even easier options: 

Check out our collection of Halloween vintage tees here!

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Happy Halloween!