T-shirt Tuesday - Top 5 Vintage Slogan Shirts

What do you want your clothing to say about you? 

Do you want it to make you look cool? Cooler than you really are? Or do you want it to make a bold statement about your personality that isn't immediately apparent? 

A slogan shirt can do all that and more. It can help you make new friends. It can draw the attention of a potential love interest. It can water your crops, grow back your hair, and gift you the finest things money can buy. 

...Well, for some of those things, you're on your own. 

But a good slogan shirt is a statement piece. It gets people asking, "who is that?" It's an all around good time. 

We've chosen our top 5 slogan shirts to make you look cool and interesting. You're saying you don't need any help to look cool and interesting? Well, after you see these shirts, you might change your mind. 

5. Aged to perfection

No matter if you're 25 or 105, everyone will get a kick out of this shirt. Are you more like a good cheese, or a fine wine? 


4. Coke adds life to me 

For the person in your life that always has a Coke in their hand. But you should probably let them know that it will add more than just life.... 

(Think about all the sugar. *shudder*) 


3. I'm not as think as you drunk I am

Woah! Are my eyes working? A great conversation starter, this shirt might make people think you're a little bit of an alcoholic. But, like, in an ironic way. 


2. You caught me at a bad time- I'm awake 

This shirt says "I'm a miserable human being before I've had my coffee but my coveted dry wit regarding my sleeping habits makes people think I'm joking when I tell them. I'm not joking. Please stop communicating with me. I'm so tired." 


1. My cow died so I don't need your bull 

Perfect for a funeral (your cow's funeral, perhaps?) or just to get people to leave you alone. But also make them wonder- what was going on with that cow?! 


If you're on the hunt for a good slogan shirt, we have a bunch of funny vintage tees for you to browse! 

Megan Sweeney
Megan Sweeney