50s Drink Coca-Cola Coke Soda Logo Jersey t-shirt Medium

$249.99 USD

Chest 18 in.

Length 24 in.

Content: Feels like nylon

Tag Brand: Russell Southern Co.

This incredible jersey was made way back in the 1950s and has held up amazingly over the years.  The front is blank but the back of the vibrant red shirt features a graphic of the classic logo for Coca-Cola soda. Coke was invented way back in the 19th century by a pharmacist named Dr. John Pemberton who believed the drink had medicinal properties. Pemberton's bookkeeper, Frank Robinson, was the one who came up with the name and the trademarked script wordmark. The name was a derivative of the drink's two main ingredients; coca leaves and kola nuts.

The 1950s were a big decade for Coca-Cola, with many new designs being introduced. Not only did the brand introduce canned Coke in the 50s, they introduced what would come to be known as their signature curved bottle design. The new bottle even appeared on the cover of TIME magazine.

Fits like a modern unisex adult medium. Stain on front of fabric, see pictures. Red Color has a slightly bleed on fabric, larger graphic is on the back, small holes on back of shirt near hem