60s The Beatles Fab Four Fun Club Fan Yellow t-shirt Large

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Chest 15 in.

Length 22 in.

Content: 100% cotton

Tag Brand: Swan Brand

This sweet graphic t-shirt is from the Fab Four Fun Club, a Beatles fan club. The iconic British band had fan clubs worldwide during and after their short career. This one seems to be from a French fan club that was at least partially run by Beatles expert Jacques Volcouve. Volcouve is considered to be one of the foremost Beatles experts, having published 9 books about the band. He recently auctioned off his entire collection of Beatles memorabilia which came out to over 15,000 items. The graphic on this tee was designed by French cartoonist Jean Solé, an artist known for his psychedelic style.

This shirt is also notable because George Harrison was photographed wearing it in 1977. Harrison wore the shirt to a party in Acapulco, Mexico that was thrown in celebration of the successful release of Fleetwood Mac's Rumors. He appears in photos throughout the night with Stevie Nicks while the two drink from tiny, ceramic cups.

The Beatles reached unparalleled levels of fame. The term "Beatlemania" was used to describe the extreme fanaticism that the band experienced. John Lennon once remarked in a 1966 interview that the Beatles had become "more popular than Jesus" which was controversial at the time but also, arguably true. Millions of screaming fans watched them on TV, flocked to their live performances, and even tried to approach them in public. The Beatles routinely traveled in armored cars to prevent fans from injuring the band or themselves.

Beatles fan culture evolved with the band. After the Beatles "touring years" ended in the mid 60s, their fans became more subdued but equally as dedicated. They began to appreciate the unique sound and innovative leaps that the band was taking with their music. One of the last, big public events for fans came with the world premiere of the Beatles' film Yellow Submarine in London. It was 1968 and the Beatles were in their twilight years but their fans remained enraptured by their idols. Many remember feeling as if they were "in the presence of God" and they recall that it was surprisingly quiet, with very few screaming fans.

Fits like a modern unisex adult small.