70s Crystal Sound Los Angeles Recording Studio t-shirt Medium

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Chest 18 in.

Length 27 in.

Content: 100% cotton

Tag Brand: Collegiate Pacific

This sweet ringer tee pays homage to Crystal Studios, one of the premier LA recording studios during the 70s and 80s. Crystal Industries was founded by Andrew Berliner and John Fischbacher in the late 60s to meet the demand for more recording studios for Los Angeles-based musicians. The studio served a diverse clientèle including Barbara Streisand, Carole King, Marvin Gaye, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Supertramp, and Gloria Gaynor.

Perhaps Crystal's most important partnership, however, was their long-standing collaboration with Stevie Wonder. The singer-songwriter recorded hundreds of tracks at Crystal studios, including his magnum opus and one of the best albums ever recorded, Songs in the Key of Life. Wonder began recording at Crystal almost by accident. He asked co-owner, Fischbacher, if he could squeeze in for a recording session one day and thankfully, the studio was available. The two, along with Wonder's sound engineer, worked almost everyday for 2 years on upwards of 200 songs before mastering the final version of Songs in the Key of Life. The three reportedly decided that no editing would be done to the record and instead, everything was mixed on a 24-track recorder.

What made Crystal Industries so special was their drive to innovate. Crystal was on the forefront of sound engineering technology and artists began seeking out their services due to the unique sound they were able to provide. Berliner in particular was driven to experiment with recording tech and by the mid 70s, he had built several, completely unique and advanced pieces of equipment. Another huge draw for artists was that Crystal was a one-stop shop for making a record. They did all of the recording, mixing, and mastering in house which couldn't be said for every other studio.

Fits like a modern unisex adult medium