70s Frank Zappa Live in New York 1978 Halloween t-shirt Medium

Chest 18.5 in.

Length 21 in. 

Content: Feels like 100% Cotton

Tag Brand: Tag is unreadable

This blue vintage t-shirt is a Frank Zappa concert tee from a 1978 Halloween event in New York. 

The concert that this design is from, was exactly a year after Zappa attempted to release his project Läthner, a quadruple-LP. Warner Bros. Records would not release it because of the expensive nature of a quadruple-LP. Zappa wrangled a deal with Phonogram Inc. to release the album on Halloween in 1977 - though Warner Bros. blocked his move with Phonogram claiming property rights to Läthner. Frustrated, Frank Zappa went down to Pasadena to the radio station KROQ. The Rock and Roll legend asked people to record his album on their own during the radio broadcast of Läthner. After a year long lawsuit, Warner Brothers eventually released the material from Läthner, though in four individual albums rather than as one complete work.

Frank began his career in the late 50's recording for the soundtracks for low budget movies including The World's Greatest Sinner and Run Home Slow. He later took over Paul Buff's Original Sound studio renaming it Studio Z. In the late 1960s Zappa joined The Mothers of Invention as a guitarist and co-lead singer. They debuted there first studio album Freak Out! in 1966, a double album. After the Mothers band's equipment was burnt in an accident at the Casino de Montreux and an attack on stage by an audience member Frank Zappa began forming and touring with smaller groups. He recorded his Top 10 album Apostrophe in 1974.

This shirt is an Adult Medium.




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