70s Led Zeppelin Tie Dye Distressed t-shirt Medium

$499.99 USD

Chest: 19 in.

Length: 25.5 in.

Content: 100% Cotton

Tag Brand: Unbranded

This amazing tie dyed t-shirt is for the iconic English rock band Led Zeppelin. Along with Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, the band has been cited as one of the pioneers of heavy metal. The Band was formed in 1968 in London with member Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham. The band is considered one of the most influential rock groups of all time and they are the third best selling band in the United States after the Beatles and the Eagles. They helped to develop album oriented rock known as AOR and arena rock as their concerts outsold the majority of artists throughout the 70s, including the Rolling Stones. 

The shirt features the Swan Song logo which is represented by the image of a falling angel. The logo was created by London based design group, Hipgnosis, who have created album artwork for AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Yes, and Styx. They based the image off of an 1869 painting by William Rimmer called "The Fall of Day". Although the logo was used to promote Led Zeppelin's record label Swan Song. It was also used on their album Physical Graffiti and eventually became synonymous with the band.

Its been estimated that the band has sold over 200 million albums worldwide. Some of their most popular songs include "Stairway to Heaven", "Black Dog", "The Immigrant Song", and "When the Levee Breaks".

This shirt fits like a modern unisex adult Medium. This shirt is very distressed with many small holes. The fabric is worn and soft.