70s Nektar Tab in Ocean Progressive Rock Band t-shirt Large

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Chest 21 in.

Length 21.5 in.

Content: feels like 100% cotton

Tag Brand: unbranded

This vintage band tee is dedicated to the progressive rock band Nektar and their 1972 album A Tab in the Ocean. It's truly stood the test of time, capturing that old school rocker vibe for years to come. Features a great cotton feel and cool graphics- very comfy and nice to look at. Ian Curtis, from Joy Division, was spotted in 1974 rocking a Nektar shirt.

Nektar can be traced back to 1969, founded by a group of English musicians living in West Germany. These founding members are Roye Albrighton, Allan Freemon, Derek Moore, and Ron Howden. Their record A Tab in the Ocean was the follow-up to the debut album Journey to the Centre of the Eye. It most notably featured the track "Crying in the Dark", which was covered by Iron Maiden.

In 1973, Nektar enjoyed a brief stint in mass popularity with the release of Remember the Future. The album showcased themes of extraterrestrial life and human enlightenment through the perspective of a boy who's blind. Much of their music covered interesting themes ranging from Norse mythology, magic, circus, and even more earthly topics like trucks and railroads.

Fits like a modern unisex adult large