70s Rolling Stones 1975 Tour of the Americas t-shirt Extra-Small

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Chest 14 in.

Length 21.5 in. 

Content: Feels like 100% Cotton

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This Rolling Stones t-shirt is from the iconic English rock band's Tour of The Americas in 1975. The tour was not originally intended to support any specific album release. By the time the Rolling Stones started their tour of North America, it had been seven months since they released their last recorded album It's Only Rock 'n Roll. In order to capitalize more on the tour, they released a compilation album entitled Made in the Shade. When the band announced the tour on May 1st, 1975 the group scheduled a press conference and then ditched the event. Rather than appearing in front of the press, the Stones rolled up on a flatbed truck outside the venue and performed a concert for the lucky fans who were attempting to catch a glimpse of the band. The band performed an extended version of "Brown Sugar" and drove off.

The stage production of the tour included an appearance of a phallus stage prop which the Rolling Stones endearingly nicknamed 'Tired Grandfather'. The inflatable object would malfunction and fail to be fully erect. Though originally the tour was intended to extend to South America, the group's plans never quite solidified, limiting the concerts to the United States and Canada. After the Rolling Stones would take the stage to the sound of Fanfare for the Common Man, they would open with "Honkey Tonk Women" followed by "All Down the Line". The setlist also included "It's Only Rock 'n Roll", "Wild Horse", "That's Life", "Brown Sugar", and "Jumpin' Jack Flash". The Stones encored in New York and Los Angeles with the tune "Sympathy for the Devil" and brought Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana,  and Jesse Ed Davis on the stage to perform.

The shirt features a multi-colored graphic the Stones' iconic "Tongue and Lip Design" logo with a map of the Americas on the tongue and small graphics of airplanes.

This shirt fits like an adult extra small. The shirt has a small spot on the back, see pics