70s Star Wars Glitter Movie Promo t-shirt Medium

$299.99 USD

Chest 19.5 in.

Length 20.5 in.

Content: Feels like 100% Cotton

Tag Brand: No tag

This awesome vintage t-shirt features a glitter logo for the epic science fiction classic, Star Wars. This shirt is from the 70s, when the first Star Wars movie was released. The franchise began in 1977 when George Lucas released the eponymous first film that later came to be known as Episode IV: A New Hope. The movie introduced exciting characters like Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo played by Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford respectively, and it also introduced the iconic villain Darth Vader voiced by James Earl Jones.

Since the release of the original, Star Wars has become a world-wide phenomenon spawning a plethora of feature length films, television series, video games, and multiple theme park attractions operated by Disney World parks. All nine films which were created as a part of what is known as the "Skywalker Sage" have been nominated for Academy Awards and the original film won several accolades, including the awards for Best Visual Effects, Best Art Direction, and Best Original Score.

fits like a modern unisex adult medium. This shirt is very worn and soft and has a hole on the front, see pics.