70s Varian Nuclear Conference t-shirt Medium

Chest 19.5 in.

Length 28 in.

Content: 100% cotton

Tag Brand: Hanes Beefy-T

This vintage tee was specially made for the 22nd ENC Conference at the Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California. It's held up great since the 1970s, perfectly capturing that old school look and feel with double sided print, one hundred percent cotton, and a classic Hanes tag.

The Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference is held every year as a homage to Russell Varian, the renown physicist, entrepreneur, and inventor. He's best known for inventing the klystron along with his brother Siguard. Klystron plays a critical role in microwave technology, telecommunications, and radar.The 22nd rendition of the ENC Conference had a focus on XL-200, a new technology described as a superconducting FT NMR spectrometer.

Fits like a modern unisex adult medium


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