80s Allroy for Prez All EP 1988 Punk Band t-shirt Medium

Chest 19 in.

Length 28 in.

Content: 50/50 Cotton/Polyester

Tag Brand: Hanes

This sweet double-sided t-shirt celebrates the EP Allroy for Prez, which was released by the band All in 1988, the same year that they issued their debut album, Allroy Sez. All was formed in Los Angeles in the late 80s, when Milo Aukerman, the lead singer of the Descendents, chose to depart from the band so he could pursue a degree in biochemistry. The remaining band members: Stephen Egerton, Karl Alverez, and Bill Stevenson, still wanted to record and perform together, so they chose to enlist a new lead singer, Dave Smalley, and form the band All. Dave Smalley actually only appeared on Allroy Sez and Allroy for Prez, as he later realized he couldn't keep up with the band's extensive touring schedule.

Both Allroy Sez and Allroy for Prez received acclaim from critics, and the group continued to release several more albums with the help of Cruz Records. During this period the band was touring almost nonstop, and when they weren't on the road they were living together in a small office complex. After the departure of Smalley, the band employed Scott Reynolds as their new lead vocalist and he remained with them until Chad Price took over in 1993.

Fits like a modern unisex adult medium. There's discoloration on the back of the collar, see pics.


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